What We Do

Light in the Night Prayer Walk, a justice ministry and non-governmental organization, was founded in Koreatown, Los Angeles. We are a humanitarian organization and ministry in pursuit of freedom and justice within the Korean communities around the world. Light in the Night Prayer Walk uses holistic methods to:

  • support and involve local and international organizations and abolitionists  fighting against the pandemic of sex trafficking, child sex slavery, sex entertainment, prostitution, and pornography all around the world–with a focus on the Korean communities
  • pray for God to convict the hearts of the “johns” (customers), traffickers, pimps, room salon operators, “massage” parlor owners, karaoke bar (KTV) owners, underground brothel keepers,  and all supporters and business owners of Korean sex establishments
  •  seek and ask God to bring justice and hope to the women, men, and children who have been trafficked, deceived, exploited, oppressed, and mentally / emotionally enslaved into the Korean sex industry so that they may be empowered, healed, equipped, and supported to lead new lives
  • support and pray for the Church to rise up and take action in the Korean communities through intercessors and volunteers
  • serve the Korean community through prevention, outreach, rescue, and restoration for the vulnerable and victimized
  • promote awareness on the worldwide pandemic of human trafficking/ modern day slavery, especially in Korea and the Korean communities around the world
  • serve others, build relationships, honor and support activists, abolitionists, and missionaries, and glorify God
  • serve and help those who are seeking a way out of the Korean sex industry
  • advise and support those who have gotten out of the Korean sex industry
  • build relationships with sisters who are currently in the Korean sex industry

Our projects include daily, weekly, and monthly prayer sessions and prayer walks as well as direct, on-field outreach for prevention and rescue, restoration through our partner organizations, and fundraisers. Our headquarters is located in California for all program management and research. All of our research has been purely based upon on-field research, interviews with previous or current workers, and networking channels in the sex industry.

If you are a worker wanting to get out of the Korean sex industry, a person contemplating on working in a room salon, massage parlor, doemi service, or related sex establishments, an ex-worker trying to avoid stigmatization and attacks or dealing with guilt and shame, a trafficker selling girls into the industry, a sex establishment owner, a taxi driver driving the girls and johns to and fro, or anyone who is associated or a supporter of the industry, please contact us. There are many people who would like to help you, pray with you, and love you in the name of Christ.