News Articles on the Korean Sex Industry

Rest in peace, Kim Bok dong grandma

2/24/16 South Korean Still Failing to Effectively Fight Human Trafficking

1/18/16: Living on a Prayer: How its Founders’ Change of Heart Changed Yogurtland

1/7/16: Police Free 12 Women

12 women freed, 14 people arrested in sex-trafficking raid in Seattle area

12/29/15: Japan and South Korea Settle Dispute Over Wartime ‘Comfort Women’

12/18/15: Asian Girl Band Detained at LAX

12/16/15: Confessions of a Former L.A. Karaoke Hostess

12/14/15: Asian Girl Band Detained at LAX Because Officials Think They’re Sex Workers

11/29/15: How LAPD Vice is Cleaning up K-town’s Less Savory Side

11/23/15: Court Delayed Hearing for Suspect in Jackson County Human Trafficking Case

11/1/15: My Body Was Not Mine, but the U.S. Military’s

9/25/15: South Korea Maxim’s Cultural Support for Human Trafficking

8/12/15: Korean Man Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Japan’s Wartime Sex Slavery

2/16/15: Courageous North Korean woman recounts years of sexual slavery and forced abortion without anesthesia

12/14/14: Campaign to Educate Americans About Wartime Sex Slavery Underway

11/28/14: South Korea’s Sex Industry Thrives Underground a Decade After Crackdown

10/7/14: FBI begin investigation into Korean karaoke hostess “doumi” agencies in America

10/2/14: Prostitution Finds New Forms to Sidestep Laws

8/26/14 NEWS: 3 Accused of Running High-End Brothel in Irvine

8/19/14 NEWS: Corporate Spending on Sexual ‘Entertainment’ Exceeds 1 Billion in S. Korea

8/2/14 NEWS: California City Unveils ‘Comfort Woman’ Statue

7/17/14 NEWS: South Korea Still Has Problems with Human Trafficking

7/15/14: Claims South Korea Provided Sex Slaves for U.S. Troops Go to Court

7/4/14: After I was Trafficked for Sex, I Cried Every Night After Being Raped by American Soliders

2/27/14 NEWS: Comfort Women Statues Spur Debate

2/24/14: NEWS: Woman Sentenced in Alleged Edmonton Human Trafficking Case

1/31/14 NEWS: Police: High-end Drug and Prostitution Ring Busted on Super Bowl Week

12/12/13 NEWS: Philippine Embassy in South Korea Warns Against Human Trafficking of Filipinas as Wives and Entertainers

11/22/13 NEWS: Following Abuse Cases, International Marriages Drop in South Korea

10/28/13 NEWS: South Korean Sexual Assault Victims Pressured to Drop Charges

10/28/13 NEWS: Sex Trafficking Victims Fight Social Stigma

10/14/13 NEWS: Int’l sex trafficking – Korea’s open secret

9/24/13 NEWS: Korean Sex Trade Gets Meaner

9/23/13 NEWS: “성매매업 화재 현장에 ‘여성 인권 기념관’을”

9/6/13 NEWS: US Forces Cracking Down on Human Trafficking in Korea

9/2/13 NEWS: Is the prostitution law enforced?

6/20/13 NEWS: South Korea makes sex crime laws tougher

6/13/13 NEWS: U.S. Military in Korea: Prostitution and Human Trafficking Reemerge in the Media

4/29/13 NEWS: South Korea: A Thriving Sex Industry

4/20/13 NEWS: Government gets tougher on sex tourism

4/10/13 NEWS:Female International Student Arrested For Operating LA Prostitution Ring

1/30/13 NEWS: Koreans ‘Biggest Clients of Prostitutes in Southeast Asia’

1/11/13 NEWS: Anti-Sex Trade Law Constitutionality to be Reviewed

1/10/13 NEWS: Review the Special Anti-Sex Trafficking Act

1/7/13 NEWS: 4/14/14 NEWS: China Arrests Traffickers of N.Korean Women

12/10/12 NEWS: Myeong-dong Hiking Club

12/7/12 NEWS: Subway Stations Main Location for Sex Trade of Runaway Youths

11/30/12 NEWS: Sold In Seoul

9/5/12 NEWS: Room Salon King Put Behind Bars

9/4/12 NEWS: South Korean National Accused of Laundering Money for Hostess Bars, Massage Parlors

6/19/12 NEWS: Trafficking in Persons Report 2012 for Republic of Korea

6/18/12 NEWS: June Cover Story: New Jamie Chung Film Brings Attention to Sex Trafficking
2/27/12 NEWS: Outside US bases, former bar workers fight sex trafficking

10/20/11 NEWS: Alleged rapes by U.S. soldiers ratchet up anger in South Korea

6/29/11 NEWS: US Wants Seoul To Do More Against Human Trafficking

3/30/09 NEWS: Reimagining Koreatown

1/8/09 NEWS: Ex-Prostitutes Say South Korea and U.S. Enabled Sex Trade Near Bases

9/10/07 NEWS: Sex Work in South Korea

11/6/06 NEWS: Part I: San Francisco is Hub for Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

11/6/06 NEWS: Part II: San Francisco is Hub for Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

11/6/06 NEWS: Part III: San Francisco is Hub for Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

11/6/06 NEWS: Part IV: San Francisco is Hub for Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation

10/8/06 NEWS: A Youthful Mistake

9/8/04 NEWS: Korea Must Counter Foreign Reports on Child Prostitution

4/26/04 NEWS: Sex and Denial in South Korea

9/9/02 NEWS: Thousands of Women Forced Into Sexual Slavery For US Servicemen in South Korea