Pray With Us

litn prayer walkPrayer is our lifeline. It is what protects us, connects us, keeps us close to God, and shields us from the enemy. Please stand with us through prayer. Here are our prayer points:

  • pray for God to convict the hearts of the “johns” (customers), traffickers, pimps, room salon operators, gigolo bars (hobbars), “massage” parlor owners, karaoke bar (KTV) hostess (doemi) services, underground brothel keepers, in-call and out-call sex services, strip clubs, and all supporters and business owners of sex establishments, sex trafficking, sex entertainment, and sex industry recruiting services
  • pray that the influx of girls in Koreatown and around the world, who are deceived into believing that sexual and hosting services are decent ways to earn a living and are “voluntarily” or involuntarily getting into the industry, will come to know Christ, be freed from spiritual, mental, and emotional bondage, released from peonage or high debt, and free from stigmatization and shame
  • pray for the men, women, and children who are deceived and trafficked across borders and are currently in physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bondage within the Korean sex industry
  • pray for the Church and church leaders to rise up and take action in Koreatown and around the world
  • pray for law enforcement officers, residents, and tourists of Koreatown and around the world, as well as those who are in positions of power, to become more aware and utilize their positions to serve the community as believers of the Gospel
  • ask God for a fresh new perspective and unveiling of truth in the hearts of the hopeless who believe that justice is not possible or that the sex industry is a positive part of society
  • ask God to change the hearts of the community members who view the workers as trash and who continue to keep them oppressed in a prison of shame and hopelessness