litn prayer walkA message from the founder for our current fundraiser for January 2016:

              “Donating to people I’ve never met or have not seen in ages, doing outreach and giving time for others, and even contributing financially for causes or work I believe in that are being promoted by people I don’t necessarily get along with has been pretty easy for me personally. Donating, especially, has been incredibly effortless. We have more than what we need so it’s not hard to share what we have. Everything is digitized. We live in a world where, with a click of a button, you can become a charitable person who has helped someone in the world whether it may be on a small or large scale. GIVING support, for me personally, has always been so much easier than ASKING for support or help with causes I believe in or work with. I think most will concur with me and some may feel the opposite. Everyone is different, obviously. I don’t think it’s necessarily a great thing when someone, like myself per say, cannot ask for support or help from others due to fear of judgment or rejection or an elitist attitude or doubt. I’m sure I have fallen somewhere in between those lines many times. I’ve been learning that it’s a humbling act to ask for support and a blessing from God when you receive it. In the past six or seven years since I’ve been working with and writing about sex trafficking, I’ve received immense encouragement, sometimes indifference, and other times opposition from many different people—old friends, strangers, family members, etc…the greatest being the support. I’ve even had a person I haven’t seen in ten years laugh in my face incredulously saying ‘YOU? You are doing what?!’ It is surprising for some, I suppose, given the wild, selfish, self-gratifying phases I went through when I was young. But who didn’t go through that?! (HAHA. Maybe it was just me. All glory to God for saving me!)
                After coming back from Asia and starting Light in the Night in Los Angeles a few years ago, it’s been a really crazy ride. We are now at our 22nd outreach in Koreatown. It’s hard being obedient to God, and I struggle with it all the time. I feel hopeless at times when things don’t turn out the way I’d planned. It’s hard when resources run out or manpower becomes feeble. It is tough when it seems like progress is so slow. It’s confusing when the media want to get a story out of you with their own agendas. It’s frustrating sometimes when victims cannot acknowledge their victimization. It is heartbreaking when atrocities seem to be endless. However we still continue. This is why I know that God is real. He has never ceased to amaze me with His strength and love which come through in every situation, horrendous or sad, terrifying or abhorrent. What we cannot comprehend or fathom is not reason enough for it to cease to exist or have no purpose for a greater good in God’s divine plan.
                I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has shown their support in the past few years, whether I’ve found the courage to ask for it along the way or you’ve given it selflessly and without request. Currently, Light in the Night team members are diligently training as God has called us to Cambodia again. In January of 2016, we go to Cambodia to partner with and serve AIM, an organization that rescues children as young as five years old from sex slavery. Some of you may have partnered with us in the past already, and please know that your support has helped fuel everything that God is orchestrating. Our team humbly asks for your support and prayers as we go again. Your support benefits the prevention, rescue, and restoration of victims of sex trafficking. It won’t eradicate sex trafficking completely. However it will go directly to the small groups of young children and women who are rescued or vulnerable. Every life matters. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” — GK, Founder of Light in the Night, Jan 2016
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