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Come and join us on Saturday, November 18th as we conduct outreach at the sex establishments and pray together in Koreatown, LA.

“If all that is being sold in prostitution is “sex”, as though it were some material commodity outside of an actual person, then men would just assume purchase blow-up dolls. But we know that blow up dolls are not a 100 billion dollar + per year industry. There is a reason men risk losing their marriages, families, or jobs; contracting or spreading std’s, being fined or arrested, and why they spend untold amounts of money traveling all over the world hunting for women and children in prostitution. What is being sold in prostitution is a person–a human being whose self is accessed through the vehicle of sex. It is a woman or child’s very humanity that arouses the John, even as he treats her as the basest of objects. Therefore, we should not speak about prostitution as if it were a “service” or an abstract dissociated commodity separate from ones being. Rather, we should speak about prostitution according to its nature–a form of slavery. It is people buying other people.”–Benjamin Nolot

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