Missions and Outreach

Our 2016 missions to Cambodia was an amazing time of serving God. We were so blessed to serve with AIM and to be able walk with all of the young leaders and discipleship, conduct brick factory outreaches, and lead our Light in the Night outreach and prayer walks in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Thank you so much to all of our supporters and intercessors. We could not have done this without our community. Your prayers were definitely heard as we were on the field. If you would like more updates and photos from our trip, please email us at lightinthenightprayerwalk@gmail.com. cambodia team 2016

Our next winter missions and outreach to Cambodia will be in January of 2017. Our training will be from September 2016 to January 2017. There is no alternative to training, and you must be present at every training session (once a week for 2 hours) either in person or via Skype for four consecutive months. If you cannot dedicate this time, please do not sign up. Dates are subject to change, so please check back for periodic updates! Please register below if you would like to participate, and you will be contacted once your information has been reviewed.