Christ-Centered Justice Ministries & NGOs



HOPE BE RESTORED stands for “Helping the Oppressed and Prisoners of injustice Escape and Be Restored”. Hope Be Restored is a freedom and justice ministry of Onnuri English Ministry (OEM) that seeks to bring freedom for the oppressed and restoration to lives that have been affected by human trafficking in Korea and around the world. It was founded by Pastor Eddie Byun who also authored Justice Awakening: How You and Your Church Can Help End Human Trafficking.

My Sister's PlaceDUREBANG

DUREBANG, also called “My Sister’s Place”, is a NGO led by Soo Mee Park. Durebang is trying to help women in prostitution with various backgrounds and different challenges, particularly those who were related with US soldiers whether voluntarily or compulsorily. For that purpose Durebang assisted and accompanied dozens of women who were forced and trapped in situations in which they are exploited and treated in slavish ways. Also Durebang is to give them a voice to express and inform about their troubles.


LOVE NEIGHBORS MISSION, was founded by Pastor Sun Choi. This ministry serves to reach out to the women and children who are trapped in the sex industry in the neighboring towns and cities of Seoul. Their mission is to spread the gospel and proactively express the love of Christ for these sisters. The actively seek out and build relationships with the girls of the red light districts of Korea and convey the message of hope and love from Christ. Once the women have been saved, this ministry continues to support and rehabilitate them through a restoration program.



AGAPE INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS (AIM) is a non-profit organization founded in Cambodia. Their headquarters are in California, however they work solely in Cambodia to end sex trafficking, especially that of child sex slavery. AIM is guided by the distinct philosophy that God anointed the Church through the power of Jesus to overcome evil. This organization was founded by Don Brewster and is run by he and his wife, Bridget Brewster, who moved to Cambodia to end sex slavery.




ijm logoINTERNATIONAL JUSTICE MISSIONS (IJM) is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world. They are located in more than 20 countries. They partner with local law enforcement officials to go into brothels and slave facilities to rescue victims. They also have a global team of attorneys who help victims fight for justice in courts. IJM’s founder, Gary Haugen, was inspired by the love of Christ to reach out and seek justice for the oppressed and put God’s love into action.



Click here for prostitution laws of the world.

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