Korean Sex Establishments–part 4–Lovetels

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written by gkim

Korean Love Motels or Hotels, also known as Lovetels, were first built in the 80’s in order to cash in on the sex tourism when the Olympics were held in Seoul. The difference between a common motel/hotel from a lovetel is that a lovetel usually charges by the hour and is promoted exclusively as a place for sex. Also, the majority of lovetels have become housing for underage runaways who sell their bodies to survive on the streets. Lovetels thrive and profit on quick sexual encounters, one night stands, and adultery.

These lovetels may appear seemingly harmless. After all, what’s the big deal with two consenting adults who want to have sex with each other, right? Wrong. They are in fact, condoning fornication outside of marriage, encouraging sexual encounters between strangers, perpetuating prostitution, and turning a blind eye on pedophilia. The owners of these lovetels establish places where both adults and children can be protected while engaging in sexual affairs. How so? They operate in buildings with almost no windows for anyone to look in or look out. If rape or sexual molestation would occur, there would be no way for anyone outside to hear a cry for help. They usually operate as a cash business so that no transactions can be traced. Due to the nature of the business, they do not report underage runaways who end up living at the hotel and sell their bodies. They also have a parking system where customers’ license plates are covered in order to shield identities in the cases of marital infidelity. Lastly, these establishments make it very expensive to stay over night as they want people in and out. Lovetels provide a safe haven for pedophiles, cheaters, pimps, traffickers, and rapists.

Lord, transform these lovetels into homes for families in poverty. Transform them into churches where your people thrive and worship in!