Facts Everyone Should Know About Pornography

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written by gkim

So many people out there claim that pornography is pure entertainment. Well, this is obviously a matter of opinion, and quite frankly, to me, it sounds like an addict’s specious justification to get his/her jollies off. But at the same time, I also really understand how difficult it is to break the addiction. We are all human after all. The desires of the flesh have this innate need to be satisfied, and oftentimes, when we are home alone, we let it get the best of us.

I must repudiate this claim that pornography is good old fun with not only what is in the Gospel but also with all of the stories from ex-porn stars who have come out of the industry. There is not one porn star who hasn’t had to lie about how much they love their jobs. The facade they put up, saying they enjoy sex, they love what they do, they desire men–these are all fallacious statements. If they didn’t make these claims, most of them would be out on the streets with no camera work. Many of them are victims of abuse, drugs, rejection, rape, poverty, and mental illnesses. They do not love what they do; they usually do it for the money. And this has been articulated by every ex-porn star out there. It is an ugly business–just like some aspects of Hollywood–except it is so opposite–because unlike Hollywood movies where the actors can go home and be themselves, these porn stars have to go home and deal with the enormity of violations on their bodies that they had to endure throughout the entire day. What keeps them smiling in public, posing for photos, and continuing their work? You would say it is only money–however it is something much more powerful than that–it is the darkness and brokenness that keeps them captive into such oppressive emotional and mental states. It is the enemy that keeps their spirits in bondage.

How is pornography filmed exploitation and violation of women? Well, first let’s take a look at the counterargument. This would be that these women know exactly what they’re doing and they are doing it voluntarily. They are getting paid to do this work, and no one is forcing them to do anything they do not want to do. No one is raping them. No one is physically abusing them. They seemingly enjoy their lives while they have sex on camera. Now to be fair, I’m sure there are some young newbies out there who find their jobs exciting at first–no doubt–just as some hardcore drug addicts may find that first hit of crack cocaine extremely refreshing and tantalizing. However, many girls who have gotten rescued from human trafficking have stated that they were forced to have sex and look as if they enjoyed it on camera. After a while, even though these girls don’t actually want to do it, they are coerced and pressured to continue on. To have men and women desecrate and defile each other’s bodies to fulfill some type of fantasy is abhorrent. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who feel shameful after watching a night of porn, and of course, there are those who may lack any sort of guilt. Almost everyone we know, including ourselves, has watched some type of pornographic scene or movie. This is the sick world we live in today, where everyone is desensitized to atrocity, violence, and injustice.

Koreans are one of the top pornography viewing countries in the world. “According to toptenreviews.com, the countries with the largest revenue from the porn industry (in 2006) include China ($27.40 billion), South Korea ($25.73 billion), Japan ($19.98 billion) and the US ($13.33 billion). The porn industry is a major component of the world economy, generating large scale revenue and employment.”

So, what’s the big deal with pornography? What are the effects? Here are some facts you should know:

  • Pornography objectifies women. Men AND women begin to view women as objects. This mentality affects everyone in relationships, marriages, and friendships. Have you ever been in a completely problem-less relationship, and it has ended abruptly without you or the other person knowing why? It could very well be that pornography has affected your mental states in ways that you may not be fully aware of.
  • It is not a coincidence that Korea is one of the top pornography watching countries in the world and Korean men are the number one seekers of child sex slaves in Southeast Asia.
  • Pornography turns the sacred act of sex between a married couple into an act that is okay for everyone, including children. Child pornography is rampantly growing around the world.
  • Pornography affects the way men learn about how to make love to a woman. It destroys sex lives in marriages because expectations become completely abnormal on both sides. Men lose their natural sensibilities to make love to a woman and believe that what they have seen in a porn movie is what women enjoy. Women begin to accept that what they see in pornography as normal and therefore become disparagingly confused when they seem to feel a lack of intimacy or pleasure in their sex lives.
  • Pornography affects people mentally and emotionally. On a subconscious level, men begin to visualize many different kinds of women they meet or know in sexual ways or positions they have seen in pornography.
  • All pornography is filmed sexual abuse. Let me make this clearer. All pornography films the abuse of sex and seeks to exploit the people who are having sex on camera. Although the woman may not always be physically forced into having sex on camera, the act of money is still involved. This is sexual exploitation.
  • People may think that all porn stars lead a glamorous and happy life, but if you personally know a porn star, who has been doing it for even more than six months, she will tell you she hates it but it’s the only thing she can do or that there’s nothing majorly wrong with it, but she hates it and would never want her children to do it.
  • The problem of physical rape is growing within online porn. Because porn is so easily accessible to millions around the world, traffickers are finding it easier to prey on young girls, rape them, and train them into the industry.
  • Many girls who have sex on camera voluntarily for the first time and feel immense regret. But they continue to do it because of that one time. They believe they have given their lives over to the industry after that one time. It only takes ONE time for them to get stuck for a lifetime. In the case of rape, many girls lose all hope for a decent life after they are filmed one time. Even though it may not have been voluntary, they end up succumbing to what they believe is their unfortunate fate. Some victims begin to tell everyone and themselves that they love having sex on camera and love their jobs. It becomes a defense mechanism.
  • Lots of extremely famous porn stars, such as Jenna Jameson, are rape victims. Jenna Jameson told her story about being gang-raped when she was in high school after she became famous for her pornographic movies. She initially lied on Howard Stern’s radio talk show about being a victim of sexual abuse, but later admitted it in her autobiography. She stated that she initially lied because she did not want others to think that she was in the sex industry because she was victimized. She wanted everyone to believe that she loved her job.
  • Pornography exacerbates mental problems and depression for female and male viewers who may already have major mental issues. Women and men, who have watched pornography on a regular basis, develop a distorted perception of reality.
  • It condones sexual violence and harm towards women and children because it portrays violent and atrocious scenes. People begin to believe that it is okay or even playful to act out such things in real life.
  • Pornography desensitizes men to the world around them. Nothing is as jovial as the feeling they get when they are masturbating to a naked woman having sex on camera. Nothing is as appalling as when a girl is getting gang-banged or disrespected on camera during a porn scene.
  • Pornographic material is highly addictive. It also increasingly diminishes the level of satisfaction as time passes. Hardcore pornography with extremely graphic and explicit material becomes insufficient to satisfy one’s sexual thirst after continuous viewing of porn movies. It is like developing a tolerance for a drug. Once you develop this tolerance, you need a higher dosage for it to be effective.
  • Many girls are being trafficked for sex on camera and online sex chats. Although they may be smiling at the viewer and posing as if they are having the time of their lives, they may possibly be in serious bondage, confinement, and could be victims of abduction and kidnapping.
  • Supporting pornography is not supporting women’s rights. Women’s rights are being violated as pornography continues to be legal. Women become more objectified as the porn industry continues to grow. Porn stars are not actors. Just as murder is not something that we should be watching live on a video, same goes for sex.

sex slavery factsHuman beings should not be utilizing cameras to film sex for money. The implications of pornography go beyond exploitation, as it has become the number one cause of human and child trafficking around the world. It condones the behavior of child predators, adulterers, and sociopaths. Furthermore, think about the girls who voluntarily get into the industry wanting to have sex on camera. It’s easy to brush it off or even defend these girls who say they enjoy their lives on camera and love what they do. Just think about it for a good minute. She is your wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, cousin, and your friend. No matter how much you defend pornography as art or entertainment, how you think these girls got into the industry, how much they love what they do, how much money they are making…the bottom line is that we need to get them out…and keep them out… and prevent our wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins, and friends from ever falling victim to this industry… in the name of JESUS.

If you want to help end human trafficking in our lifetime, start by discontinuing the viewing of pornography.