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population: 198.7 million; 5 most populated country in the world, 5 largest country in the world
current president: Dilma Rousseff
capital: Brasilia 
largest city: Sao Paulo

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Prostitution is legal. There are no laws forbidding adult prostitution, however it is illegal to operate a brothel or employ prostitutes. Basically, all organized sex businesses are illegal. Prostitution is not regulated, so workers are not required to get mandatory health check ups or licenses. In 2002, sex worker was added to an official list of occupations by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor. The government’s website even has advice on how to become a sex professional. Also, prostitutes and call girls are allowed to contribute to the government’s pension fund and collect money when they retire. Brazilian laws prohibit most forms of trafficking in persons. The law states that promoting or facilitating movement to, from, or within the country for the purposes of prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation can be penalized with three to eight years in prison. Sentences may be increased up to 12 years when violence, threats, or fraud are used, or if the victim is a child.

There are about two million prostitutes in Brazil. They have one of the worst child prostitution statistics after Cambodia and Thailand. These figures are an estimate, and accurate figures are difficult to conclude as most trafficked victims refuse to testify for fear of reprisals from traffickers or corrupt government officials. Human trafficking for labor and sex continues to be a huge problem in Brazil. Up to 500,000 children have been reported to be trafficked for sex.  1/4 of tourists, who go to Brazil for sex tourism, seek sex with children. Most tourists who come for sex with children are from Europe and the USA. The majority of Brazilians who are trafficked out of the country are from Goias. Russia and Spain have an especially high volume of trafficked Brazilian girls.

Although the government has set up centers for victims of trafficking, most NGOs report that these government-funded centers are underfunded and not prepared to handle cases or rehabilitate victimized women, men, and children. NGOs allege that government officials, such as the police, often dismissed cases involving sex trafficking victims. Some victims reported discrimination or prejudicial treatment due to the fact that they voluntarily worked in prostitution prior to being trafficked and were therefore not viewed as victims.

News on Sex Trafficking in Brazil:,0,1938577.story#axzz309lEfnvR


Below is the English translation of Brazil’s Labor and Employment’s Sex Professional classification and descriptions from their site.

English Translation of Brazil’s Labor and Employment Ministry Primer on Sex Professional
CBO – Brazilian Classification of Occupations
5198: Professional of sex
5198-05 – Sex professional – (Garota de programa) Program girl, (Garoto de programa) Program boy, Meretriz, Messalina, Michê , Mulher da vida (Life woman), Puta (Whore), Prostitute, Quenga, Rapariga (Lass), Sex worker , Transsexual (sex professionals), Transvestite (sex professionals)

Brief Description
They do sexual programs in private locations, public roads and gold prospecting places; they assist and accompany customers men and women, of several sexual orientations; they manage individual and family budgets; they promote the category organization.
They carry out educational activities in the sexuality field; they advertise the services they render. The activities are exercised following rules and procedures that minimize the profession vulnerabilities.

Characteristic of the Job
General terms of its exercise
They work on their own initiative, in the street, in bars, night-clubs, hotels, harbor,
highways and in garimpos (gold prospecting places). They act in different environments:
open air, closed places and inside vehicles, in irregular schedules. In the exercise of some
of their activities they can be exposed to vehicles gases, to bad weather, to sound
pollution and to social discrimination. There are still risks of getting STD infections,
bad-treatment, street violence and death.
Formation and experience
For the exercise of the profession is required that the workers take part in workshops on
safe sex, offered by the category associations. Other complementary courses of
professional formation, such as, beauty courses, personal care, budget planning, as well
as vocational courses for alternative sources of income also are offered by the
associations, in several states.
Access to the career is open to those who are 18 or older; the average education is
between fourth and seventh grade. Full performance of activities occurs after two years of

Activities areas

1 To plan the battle
2 To become visually appealing
3 Wait in place (to wait for someone who didn’t promise to come)
4 To seduce with the look
5 To approach the customer
6 To charm with the voice
7 To seduce with affectionate nicknames
8 To conquer with the touch
9 To involve with perfume
10 To offer the customer specialties
11 To recognize the customer’s potential
12 To dance for the customer
13 To dance with the customer
14 To satisfy the customer’s ego
15 To praise the customer


1 To negotiate with the customer the use of condom
2 To wear condom
3 To apply water-based lubricant gel
4 To take part in safe-sex workshops
5 To recognize sexually transmissible diseases (STDs)
6 To do integral health follow up
7 To promote campaigns on the risks of taking hormones
8 To promote campaign on the risks of getting liquid silicone
9 To denounce physical violence
10 To denounce discrimination

1 To prepare the working kit (condom, accessories, make-up)
2 To specify working schedule
3 To negotiate erotic services
4 To negotiate price
5 To fulfill erotic fantasies
6 To take care of the customer’s personal hygiene
7 To do strip-tease
8 To give caresses
9 To relax the customer with massages
10 To role play
11 To invent stories
12 To engage in sexual relations
13 To give advice to customers emotionally deprived
14 To render first aid
15 To go shopping for the garimpo (gold prospecting site)
16 To wash garimpeiros’ clothes
17 To take care of those who fall ill in the garimpo
18 To pose for pictures

1 To be a companion to the tourist
2 To be a companion to the solitary customer
3 To accompany a customer in trips
4 To accompany customer in parties and strolls
5 To have dinner with the customer
6 To stay overnight with the customer

1 To write down daily revenue
2 To list bills to pay
3 To pay bills
4 To pay contribution to INSS (Social Security)
5 To contribute to the family income
6 To separate part of the daily revenue for a savings account
7 To apply money in a bank
8 To open home savings account
9 To invest in income complementation services
10 To invest in gold nuggets

1 To promote the professional valorization of the category
2 To give self-organization courses
3 To support the associations organization
4 To do campaigns to get new members
5 To make political articulations
6 To fight child prostitution
7 To take part in organized activities
8 To train information multipliers
9 To distribute condoms
10 To contribute for the historical documentation of prostitution
11 To foment general education
12 To foment vocational courses
13 To revendicate funds for professionalization
14 To take part in organizing first-aid courses
15 To revendicate basic courses of foreign languages
16 To take part in organizing beauty and massage courses

1 To create educational theater script
2 To produce educational shows
3 To stage educational shows
4 To give interviews
5 To advise street girls
6 To give lectures in public schools
7 To give lectures in policemen’s formation and recycling courses

Personal Strengths
1 To demonstrate persuasion capacity
2 To demonstrate ability to express with gestures
3 To demonstrate capacity to fulfill erotic fantasies
4 To act with honesty
5 To show patience
6 To plan for the future
7 To be solidary with companions
8 To listen attentively (to learn how to listen)
9 To demonstrate playing capacity
10 To respect the customer’s silence
11 To show capacity of communicating in a foreign language
12 To demonstrate professional ethics
13 To keep professional secret
14 To respect code of not courting work colleagues
15 To provide pleasure
16 To take care of personal hygiene
17 To conquer the customer

Working Resources
* War wardrobe
* Male and female condom
* Business cards
* Identification documents
* Water-based gel lubricant
* Toilet paper
*Moist napkins
* Accessories
* Make-up
* Cell phone
* Appointment book